More Airplay on KCRW

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11 Acorn Lane is receiving more airplay on KCRW. This time from Chris Muckley, long-time former music director at San Diego’s 91X.

Chris Muckley has guest hosted for Gary Calamar, Chuck P and Jason Kramer and played 11 Acorn Lane on a regular basis including the songs “I Want To Be Your Friend”, “Let It All Hang Out” and “Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix)”. Chris Muckley’s shows are great fun to listen to and we’re thrilled to be part of them. Listen to one here.  “Let It All Hang Out” is the 4th song in the program.

Big thanks to Chris! And yes, we will most definitely “Let It All Hang Out!” and to help celebrate we’re making the track a free download in our CD Baby store and the whole album will be $3.99 to download for a limited time.

Also a big merci beaucoup to Tom Schnabel for featuring “Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix)” in a recent show!

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