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Question: Are you OK with me using one of your recordings in my YouTube video?

Answer: Yes, we are totally OK with you using our recordings in your YouTube video under the following three conditions:

1. The video itself is not an advertisement.
2. You are not monetizing the video.
3. You give us credit in the description.

Good practice for credit is: song name, artist name, hyperlink If you discovered the track through Funky Panda, please be so kind and also give him a link back to his video of our track.

When using our tracks in your videos you might see a content ID match. Relax, that is not a copyright strike. It merely means our recording was detected and we may get some of the revenue from the ads that YouTube shows in connection with the video.

You can’t or don’t wish to comply with the above conditions?

Reach out! Email thomas(AT)woodenhatrecords(DOT)com.

  • If you’d like to monetize the video yourself, please contact us and we will be happy to consider this on a case by case basis.
  • If your video is an advertisement for something, please contact us for a license.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please note these 3 cover songs!

The following 3 tracks we have released are famous cover songs.
– Ladies Night
– Ladies Night (Electro Swing Remix)
– Comin’ Home Baby

So, while we have official mechanical licenses to record and sell these songs, these 3 songs have third party publishers and songwriters and we obviously can’t completely speak for these 3 songs on YouTube because third parties are involved and we don’t know how exactly they operate on YouTube. By our own limited observation, we haven’t heard of anyone getting into trouble, though.

All other tracks we have released as artists are cool under the conditions named in the beginning, including much requested tracks such as
– Spend My Time With You (Electro Swing Remix)
– Let’s Face It I’m Cute
– Love Me Click Me
– Time For Tea
– Time For Tea (Melbourne Swing Mix)
– Perfect
– Perfect (Electro Swing Remix)
– Swing Thing
– Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix)

Concerning remixes we have done for other artists, you’d have to check with those artists/labels. At the moment this concerns only one track:
– I Want You Babe (11 Acorn Lane Remix) by DJ Farrapo feat. Cico, released on Chinchin Records

We love how people use our music in their videos! It’s just amazing to us. We’ve seen really cool animations, speed-drawings, gaming videos, student plays, dance choreographies, gymnastic reels, toddler videos, family albums, DJ mixes and various other videos that we absolutely love! Thanks for liking our music! 🙂

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