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More Airplay on KCRW

On March 27, 2012 By

11 Acorn Lane is receiving more airplay on KCRW. This time from Chris Muckley, long-time former music director at San Diego’s 91X.

Chris Muckley has guest hosted for Gary Calamar, Chuck P and Jason Kramer and played 11 Acorn Lane on a regular basis including the songs “I Want To Be Your Friend”, “Let It [...]


A very charming music video of our song “Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix)” has surfaced on YouTube. We are thrilled that someone was so inspired to put this together and share it with the world!


11 Acorn Lane’s release “Swing Thing” enters the CMJ RPM chart at #27 this week! We are psyched. Thank you to all the stations and DJs for their support!


Two songs from our new release “Swing Thing” are on the brand new Japanese Electro Swing compilation “A Happy Electro Swing Jazz Year” by Rambling Records. The two 11 Acorn Lane songs that appear on this hard swinging collection are “Swing Thing” and “Le [...]


November 2011 – ‘Swing Thing’ is getting airplay. Thank you to all the DJs and radios who play and support the music!

• Tom Schnabel plays “Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix)” in his show on KCRW.

• “Swing Thing” is added to rotation on Sirius FM.

• ‘Swing Thing’ is on many [...]


November 14, 2011 – ‘Swing Thing’ by 11 Acorn Lane is out now.

‘Swing Thing’ is a tremendously fun collection of high-energy songs by 11 Acorn Lane featuring their signature quirky style that mixes electronic beats with jazz, pop, world, lounge and exotica.

Available from Amazon, more