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We are thrilled that has selected our album “Swing Thing” to be part of their September Jazz Event!

For us as emerging artists this means being featured alongside some amazing Jazz records on

For Amazon customers it means getting the entire album for $5 during the month [...]


We just discovered another fan-made video on YouTube. Thanks to retrolectrovideo for creating this hilarious video to our new single “Have Some Fun”.

What you see in the video is exactly what we had in mind when we recorded the song. We love this video and are thrilled that more

The story?

“Dick Dale picked up Esquivel hitchhiking along the Pacific Coast Highway and then headed over to the Beach Boys studio to have some fun” (Barry Howarth)

11 Acorn Lane’s idea for the summer is quite simple: Have Some Fun! And they are clearly having fun in their unimitable and infectious style. Cheers. [...]


More Airplay on KCRW

On March 27, 2012 By

11 Acorn Lane is receiving more airplay on KCRW. This time from Chris Muckley, long-time former music director at San Diego’s 91X.

Chris Muckley has guest hosted for Gary Calamar, Chuck P and Jason Kramer and played 11 Acorn Lane on a regular basis including the songs “I Want To Be Your Friend”, “Let It [...]


A very charming music video of our song “Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix)” has surfaced on YouTube. We are thrilled that someone was so inspired to put this together and share it with the world!


11 Acorn Lane’s release “Swing Thing” enters the CMJ RPM chart at #27 this week! We are psyched. Thank you to all the stations and DJs for their support!


Two songs from our new release “Swing Thing” are on the brand new Japanese Electro Swing compilation “A Happy Electro Swing Jazz Year” by Rambling Records. The two 11 Acorn Lane songs that appear on this hard swinging collection are “Swing Thing” and “Le [...]


Ever wondered what effect 11 Acorn Lane’s Holiday music has on students who are supposed to study for finals?

Here’s a slightly non-scientific field study involving certain rather brillant UT Austin students.

Watch the video below or on YouTube.


11 Acorn Lane combine dozens of vintage and modern instruments creating a new take on holiday classics

The music of 11 Acorn Lane isn’t easy to make. On their new album, ‘Happy Holy Days,’ the NY-based duo used dozens of instruments over a three-year period to meld jazz, Latin, exotica and funk music with current [...]


Happy Holidays from 11 Acorn Lane! Celebrate with 11 Acorn Lane and get 5 free downloads at the bottom of this post!

We are very excited that our version of “Deck The alls” was selected by Amazon to be part of their “25 Days of Free” promotion. [...]