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The Armory

11 Acorn Lane combine dozens of vintage and modern instruments creating a new take on holiday classics

The music of 11 Acorn Lane isn’t easy to make. On their new album, ‘Happy Holy Days,’ the NY-based duo used dozens of instruments over a three-year period to meld jazz, Latin, exotica and funk music with current beats and modern production techniques. The result blends a buoyantly Sixties lounge aesthetic with modern electronica to serve up a completely new take on holiday classics.

“It’s hundreds and hundreds of hours of throwing ideas back and forth,” Says Thomas Feurer of his and partner Neal Pawley’s creative process. “Making an orchestra speak that existed only in our heads. Out-esquivelling Esquivel. OK, that’s not possible. But at least showing our immeasurable respect for him.” “Plus, we use a virtual armory of instruments,” he continues. “Some date back to the 1960s, some are cutting edge technology. We experiment with different mics and mic positions to emulate mighty Mancini’s L.A. sound in the space of a tiny Manhattan studio. All while incorporating a modern sound, taking it one step further and making it a purely 11 Acorn Lane thing.”

The Armory

The Armory

Check out the photo above for a look at the breathtaking collection of instruments that appear on the album, including trombone, bass trombone, alto trombone, baritone horn, tuba, French horn, cornet, banjo, mandolin, electric sitar, electric guitar, baritone guitar, lap steel, spanish guitar, steele string guitar, fender bass, wurlitzer, upright bass, bass drum, cymbals, various hand percussions incl. dumbek, cajon, bongos, shakers, guiros, triangles, cowbells, tambourine, woodblocks, keyboards, synthesizers, beat programming, vocals, whistling, alto flute, flute, piccolo, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano-, alto-, tenor- & baritone-saxophones and…sleigh bells!

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