New Album “Time For Tea”

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Time For Tea by 11 Acorn Lane

Our new album “Time For Tea” is out now on Wooden Hat Records.

Thank you for already playing the music:
Nick Hollywood @ Freshly Squeezed Radio;
Bart & Baker @ “Swing Party” on French Jazz Radio;
Michael “Dr Stangedub” Rose @ KFAI;
Roboclips on SF2 Swiss national broadcast television;
Jukebox on La Télé Swiss regional broadcast television;

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About the album

On Time For Tea, their sixth album for the Wooden Hat label, out February 10, 2015, the duo keep swinging, with 13 tracks including the cheerful 1920s-inspired sounds of “Perfect,” with its tuba bassline; the humorous title track; and the infectiously happy “Lucky Day.”

A cha-cha beat goes to the space-age supermarket on “In Aisle Three”; and for that tea, there’s “Sugar and Cream,” reminiscent of a Merrie Melodies cartoon soundtrack. (Or, if you like it hot, “Caliente.”) “Horsey In The Sleepsack,” with its sly quote from Grieg’s “In the Hall Of The Mountain King,” could be what clubbers in the Balkan underground are moving their bodies to, and “Spend My Time With You” is the song a boyfriend in a ’30s movie would sing, and features many different trombone mutes with colorful names such as “Mel-O-Wah,” “Wa-Wah Du All,” “Clear Tone,” and raunchiest of all, “Plunger.”

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